Zander T, Blasco O, Rabellino M, Baldi S, Sanabria E, Llorens R, Garcia L, Zerolo I, Maynar M

To report long-term outcome when using a bifurcated aortic endograft for treatment of aortoiliac occlusive disease (AIOD) in Trans Atlantic Inter Society Consensus (TASC) classification C and D patients.

Endoprosthesis placement was performed in all patients with a technical success rate of 100%. There were no amputations or deaths at 30 days after the procedure. The mean follow-up was 62 months (range 11-96 months). One patient was lost during follow-up at 11 months, and another patient died of a nonrelated cause after 49 months. A single limb occlusion of the prosthesis was seen in two patients at 2 months and 7 months; both were successfully treated by intraarterial fibrinolysis. At a mean follow-up of 62 months, primary patency was 85.7%, and secondary patency was 100%




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