Rabellino M, Garc A-Nielsen L, Zander T, Baldi SN, Gonz Lez G, De Alba L, Llorens R, Maynar M.

We describe a case of a patient with a thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm, affecting the origin of the celiac trunk, with the particularity of the normal aortic diameter in the segment between superior mesenteric artery and both renal arteries. Endovascular treatment was performed with no fenestrated or branch endoprosthesis. The procedure was divided into two steps. In the first attempt, an aortic prosthesis was deployed at the infrarenal aorta. Then, a thoracic endoprosthesis was deployed in a second procedure. In this case, the celiac trunk was intentionally occluded in order to increase the distal landing zone. At the end, the segment between the superior mesenteric artery above and below the renal arteries was covered by the uncovered struts of both endoprosthesis, with no effects in visceral artery flow. Multislice computed tomographic angiography after six months revealed complete patency of the superior mesenteric artery, both renal arteries and good back-filling of the branches of the celiac axis, with no evidence of aortic endoleak.




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